Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Hobbies!

I have been on this whole domestic wife thing. I have been trying to do more homemade food/things and she has brought in her sewing machine from the garage and found a place for it. My sewing machine was purchased 2 years ago, but with moving several time it has been in storage for most of it. I have a lot of motivation to learn more sewing even though I am just a beginner!

For Christmas my awesome husband got me a wonderful waffle maker...

Now I can make my wonderful husband delicious waffles! Unfortunately it did not arrive in time for Christmas. Jesse wanted to surprise me with making waffles on Christmas day. He realized it wasn't going to get here in time so we borrowed my grandma's waffle maker. It all worked out just fine!

Here is the delicious bread I have been making from scratch! It is so delicious and eating it the next day for french toast is Amazing!!!

Here is the sewing machine set up. There really isn't much room since we share a house and all. I made a cute little pillowcase dress - so proud of it! There are now plans to make 4 more for little ones in the family/friend's kids.

So right now I am learning how to be more domestic around the house and Jesse is learning more tricks on his camera and playing with time lapse. We are both excited for our hobbies and hopefully can most more later on things we have accomplished!

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