Monday, May 19, 2014

Garden Party

We had a pretty awesome Saturday this weekend! It started our very relaxing and then we cleaned up the house and did some chores. We headed to Home Depot for their Seattle Garden Party in Issaquah and got some really awesome gifts - gardening tools, garden hose sprayer, gloves, and seeds. Jesse was doing the social media thing for them and he ended up winning a Home Depot bucket with a utility belt, a trowel, and a $25 gift card. They let us paint pots and pick 1 of 3 herbs to plant in them. 

After that event, we headed to Tacoma to check out our new house again and get dimensions for flooring and paint. Now we just need to get some quotes.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mutual Acceptance

Today was the day that we got the paperwork back from the sellers/broker. The papers are all signed and we are in mutual acceptance! The broker also uploaded it to a program that sends it to the lender. Now we just wait for the lender to approve the sale. This is very exciting. Our first step to owning our first house together is complete.

This Saturday we are planning to go to Home Depot's Seattle Garden Party in Issaquah. It sounds like a fun event, and we can also spend time in Home Depot getting ideas for our new house. After that we might be able to go to the house to take measurements. :) We also want to squeeze in time to go to a flooring store! At the end of the night I work my event job from 9pm-1am. On Sunday I work 12:30-6:00pm. Working everyday isn't really fun, but knowing we are buying a house and we can use any extra money to fix it up sounds awesome.

Next week will be great because it's a short week because we are going to Las Vegas!! Yay!! We will be there for 4 nights, 3 1/2 days. We arrive Thursday around 4pm and then leave Monday at 7am. I imagine it will be very busy there since it's Memorial Day weekend - one of the few 3 day weekends for working folk. Friday we have a Grand Canyon Tour and Saturday we have a Hoover Dam Tour. My grandparents down there own a comedy tour to those 2 places and this trip is my graduation present. I am finally using it 2 1/2 years later. I wish we could stay a little longer, but we are already having to take 2 days off from work. I will be posting pictures of our trip so stay tuned! :) We leave in 8 days! :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Offer Accepted (Verbally)!!!!

Holy guacamole!!!! We found out today that they verbally accepted our offer. We hadn't heard from them at all since Tuesday and now it's Friday. The other broker went out of town on Thursday and Jeanne found out today around noon that our offer had been accepted. We are so excited!! It still has to get approved by the bank. We are confidential it will get approved because we are paying more than they had approved on a previous offer. When the broker gets back on town she is meeting with the sellers and getting us the written acceptance - paperwork and getting it to the seller's lender for approval.

The house is a 3 bedroom 1 bath (for now - wanting to make it a 1.75 bath) It's got a 2 car garage detached and it's about 1300 sq ft! :) The kitchen is a great size. It's a fixer upper definitely, but we are excited to make to work on it and make it nice. 

I will update later when there is more information.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another Offer In - Waiting

We started the weekend off on Saturday going on another house tour. We actually found quite a bit of houses that met our requirements. We put an offer on the first house we looked at on Monday. It is a short sale, and according to the broker, the bank has approved the listing price (previous offers - financing fell through & decided not to move) and we were told the bank is very cooperative. It would be a 90 day close if our offer is accepted and everything works out.

On Tuesday we found out there was another offer on the house. Jeanne said the broker would give everyone until 5pm on Wednesday to submit their best offer, and the highest one gets picked. We revised our offer and submitted a higher one, and we are waiting to hear back on if ours was selected or not. If someone was higher, then we will just keep looking. I am not too worried because the market is giving us a better selection with the warmer weather. Although, we would be very happy not to have to keep putting offers on houses and doing bidding wars. It's an awesome house for a starter home, and we are just crossing our fingers. We will find out tomorrow what happened with our offer and then we can move forward one way or another. I'll post an update once we get an answer.