Tuesday, February 10, 2015

40 Weeks & 4 Days Appointment

Today I had my weekly midwife appointment. Here's an update on what is going on:

  • I am finally dilated - 1cm. Tried to do a membrane sweep, but Emily wasn't far enough in the pelvis so she couldn't. But the scar tissue was all gone!! :)
  • There is too much (who know it was possible) amniotic fluid so little Emily is basically just moving all over the place. She hasn't been in my pelvis very far, so I need to lessen the fluid so she has less run to move. We need to make sure she can get into my pelvis so we know for sure she fits and because she is too high for labor right now. So I will be taking mag-cal vitamins, epsom salt baths, and drinking drinks with electrolytes every day.
  • I also need to use the breast pump, walk, do the miles circuit, and take evening primrose oil daily to help move things along.
  • My midwife will try to make an appt for Thursday (2 days) for an ultrasound biophysical to make sure everything looks good for baby to stay another week. 
  • My next appointment is Tuesday the 17th. Let's hope I don't make it to that appointment though!! :)
  • The 18th would be trying induction methods at the birthing center. The 20th I would go to the hospital for a medical induction (pitocin). This is the plan if all else fails.
Let's hope she comes sooner than later though! :)

Edited to add:

40 weeks & 6 days - I had my biophysical profile ultrasound. Emily is weighing approximately 7 pounds & 11 ounces. She is a happy little camper - she is practicing breathing, the amniotic fluid was a 13 AFI (norm is 8-18) which is good, and everything seemed fine. They will send the information to my midwife now. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

40 Weeks

How many weeks?: 40 Weeks - yes, I am still pregnant...

How big is baby?: Small Pumpkin - 20 inches & 7.5 pounds ~ Let's just say baby is as big as a newborn baby ;)

Gender: Girl

Weight Gain: I have gained 38 pounds total. 

Symptoms: I feel big and tired. I feel like I will always be pregnant and it will never ever end. At my last appointment my cervix was not dilated, and it was soft and facing out more. 

Cravings: Fresh berries sound amazing. I wish it were summer only for the fruit.

Sleep: I've been sleeping a little better. Feeling more rested.

What I Miss: Having a body with no bump. 

Best Moment This Week: I hit 40 weeks! I wanted to hit 40 weeks ever since I was pregnant to give our little girl the best. They still do a lot of good growing between 37-40 weeks IF your pregnancy is healthy and low risk. 

What am I looking forward to?: Holding our baby girl.

Next Appointment: February 10th.

Additional Notes: 

  • A few years ago I had a colposcopy (procedure where they scraped a few cells off my cervix when my pap came back abnormal). It wasn't a big deal, but it left a little bit of scar tissue on my cervix. At the next appointment my midwife will massage the tissue to break it apart. People that have scar tissue seem to have a harder time getting their cervix to dilate. I've read that people can have contractions for days or it just won't dilate. I want my body to be able to naturally progress when it's time for me to be in labor. I don't want to stall my labor at all.
  • I was really trying to be good about letting my body naturally decide when to go into labor. Now that I have hit 40 weeks I will try to do a few natural things to see if it may work, but other than that, I don't have any plans of trying anything more until the 18th - 2 days before 42 weeks. My midwife will try doing a number of things, and if nothing works I get transferred to the hospital on the 20th as I can no longer give birth at the center once I hit 42 weeks. We have a plan with my midwife on the outline in case I don't go into labor.
  • I am now at the point where I am over being pregnant. I am glad I expected to go past due as I would be a lot more disappointed at this point. I keep seeing everyone having their babies and I am just sitting here pregnant and not having an end in sight. I need to remember 65% of babies are born after 40 weeks. I just need a little more patience and to just enjoy this time I have alone and with my husband.
  • I have also been doing the Miles Circuit to encourage baby to be in the right position. It is helping as she is on my left side a lot more now. Before she always wanted to be on the right side.