Friday, February 6, 2015

40 Weeks

How many weeks?: 40 Weeks - yes, I am still pregnant...

How big is baby?: Small Pumpkin - 20 inches & 7.5 pounds ~ Let's just say baby is as big as a newborn baby ;)

Gender: Girl

Weight Gain: I have gained 38 pounds total. 

Symptoms: I feel big and tired. I feel like I will always be pregnant and it will never ever end. At my last appointment my cervix was not dilated, and it was soft and facing out more. 

Cravings: Fresh berries sound amazing. I wish it were summer only for the fruit.

Sleep: I've been sleeping a little better. Feeling more rested.

What I Miss: Having a body with no bump. 

Best Moment This Week: I hit 40 weeks! I wanted to hit 40 weeks ever since I was pregnant to give our little girl the best. They still do a lot of good growing between 37-40 weeks IF your pregnancy is healthy and low risk. 

What am I looking forward to?: Holding our baby girl.

Next Appointment: February 10th.

Additional Notes: 

  • A few years ago I had a colposcopy (procedure where they scraped a few cells off my cervix when my pap came back abnormal). It wasn't a big deal, but it left a little bit of scar tissue on my cervix. At the next appointment my midwife will massage the tissue to break it apart. People that have scar tissue seem to have a harder time getting their cervix to dilate. I've read that people can have contractions for days or it just won't dilate. I want my body to be able to naturally progress when it's time for me to be in labor. I don't want to stall my labor at all.
  • I was really trying to be good about letting my body naturally decide when to go into labor. Now that I have hit 40 weeks I will try to do a few natural things to see if it may work, but other than that, I don't have any plans of trying anything more until the 18th - 2 days before 42 weeks. My midwife will try doing a number of things, and if nothing works I get transferred to the hospital on the 20th as I can no longer give birth at the center once I hit 42 weeks. We have a plan with my midwife on the outline in case I don't go into labor.
  • I am now at the point where I am over being pregnant. I am glad I expected to go past due as I would be a lot more disappointed at this point. I keep seeing everyone having their babies and I am just sitting here pregnant and not having an end in sight. I need to remember 65% of babies are born after 40 weeks. I just need a little more patience and to just enjoy this time I have alone and with my husband.
  • I have also been doing the Miles Circuit to encourage baby to be in the right position. It is helping as she is on my left side a lot more now. Before she always wanted to be on the right side.

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