Thursday, December 18, 2014

32 weeks

How many weeks?: 32 Weeks

How big is baby?: Squash - 16.7 inches & 3.75 pounds

Gender: Girl

Weight Gain: I have gained 25 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new in this department.

Nursery: Still not completed, but so very close! We have a few things laying around on the floor that need to be organized, but with the holidays a few days away, I may have to put that off until after Christmas.

Symptoms: Rib pain. Pelvic pain. It takes roughly 30 seconds to roll over in bed. I wake up hungry and can't go back to sleep until I eat. Energy level is up this past week!! 

Cravings: I just want to snack even if I am full. 

Sleep: I have been using 5 pillows. Not able to sleep very well, but I still function. 

What I Miss: Deli meats.

Best Moment This Week: Jesse and I went away this past weekend to my aunt's cabin. We spent it with my cousin and his girlfriend. It was very nice to just get away, but it just wasn't long enough. Either way, it was a good time.

What am I looking forward to?: Christmas!!

Next Appointment: December 29th. - This will be my 34 week appointment. We also have an appointment with a pediatrician office on January 5th.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Today I took the plunge! I put the wrap that I have been eyeing for a while now on layaway. I had found it a month or two ago and looked for the size I wanted, but they were all sold out. Now that the size is back on stock I have it reserved and won't miss it when I want to actually pay for the whole thing. I love the layaway programs that the baby-wearing stores do because they don't charge a fee. 

This is one of the stock photos of this wrap. I think it's super pretty. It's called an Indio Aurora by Didymos. I got it in a size 6 which I believe is my base size. I won't be sad if it's a little too long either. I'm hoping to get this thing paid off beginning of January (after Christmas since that's eating up my money) and then shipped here before Emily comes. I want to break it in a little and I can't wait to wear my little one in this beautiful wrap! :)

I was excited and had to talk about that. That's all...

EDIT: I don't have to wait until early January to get this wrap paid!!! My wonderful husband offered to pay the balance off as my second Christmas present!!! YAY!! :) It is getting shipped out today and I will be able to practice belly wrapping :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

31 Weeks

How many weeks?: 31 Weeks

How big is baby?: Pineapple - 16.25 inches & 3.3 pounds

Gender: Girl

Weight Gain: I have gained 20 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: I pretty much just wear the same 2 leggings and 3 maternity shirts. I won't go buy any more clothes. I have 2 more months, not a big deal. Everyone just has to see me wearing the same thing all the time.

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors, with pops of color. It hasn't been put together yet. We are putting the dresser in there this weekend. We have her crib and 9 cube thing all done. We will be doing a lot in the nursery this weekend, so maybe it will be done in a few days?

Symptoms: Hip pain is not there anymore. I have had bad rib pain lately and my bra strap makes it even worse. I am having trouble sleeping - waking up often and always remembering my dreams. Which tells me I never get my deep sleep!! :( My back and pelvic bone area always crack at night when I move from side to side - I hate the feeling of it, but I always know that it's going to happen now. My stomach on the left side seems uncomfortable, so it's bothering some to sleep on my left side, but that's the side I am supposed to sleep on. I just feel like each week I get a new symptom now and have started counting down the weeks haha.

Cravings: Not much - jello fruit cups & Juice.

Sleep: I have been using 4 pillows. Not getting enough!! :(

What I Miss: My energy level still. I always feel out of breath. 

Best Moment This Week: We finished our Bradley Method birthing class. We are officially ready. It feels so real now that we are done. It's just a waiting game now, but we are prepared for when it comes. It just makes it feel so close to the end.

What am I looking forward to?: Finishing up the nursery

Next Appointment: December 9th.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Gifts and Baby Things

I have been trying to get my homemade gifts made for our friends and family. I have made 1 of 3 batches of soap so far. I need to make the next 2 batches in the next day or two. I just placed a cyber monday order on BrambleBerry so I can do the rest of our gift basket gifts - bath bombs, scrubs, and body butter. I will make those closer to Christmas, but the soap needs to cure for several weeks.

Jesse and I may also be going in together on "our" Christmas present instead of buying each other gifts. We want to buy an above ground swimming pool for the backyard. I wanted to swim/sit in water so bad this last summer - it was the hottest summer ever and I was pregnant :(. Now we are adding kids to the mix, and it just sounds like a fun idea. I want our kids to love the water and when they are old enough, they will do swimming lessons at the YMCA. 

Black Friday came last week and I was able to score a high chair at Babies R Us. We made a budget for the rest of the items we need and with the Amazon completion discount (and Amazon Mom), I just bought a whole bunch of things tonight. I had to do one purchase with the discount, so I got what we needed/wanted. I am so excited to get the mail here in the next week!!! I can't wait to get the crib mattress to finish the crib. We should be all ready for her to come. The only other things I think we wanted was a wall mural of some sort, some bins for the changing table supplies, and a lamp. We will need to get more cloth diapers after she comes, but I am pretty sure we can manage with the stash we have for a while. We also were looking high and low for a white dresser for her, but we decided to polish up one of our white dressers and mommy and daddy are getting a nice new his/her dresser! So excited - we are picking it up on Saturday!! 

Here are some of the items we got today that I am excited about:

  • Bamboobies - they had a 30% off cyber monday deal!
  • Sophie the teething giraffe
  • Swimming cloth diaper (We are joining the Y when she is 6 weeks old - she will be dipping in with me)
  • Cloth diaper supplies for containing/cleaning diapers
  • Forehead Thermometer - how cool is this?! 
  • A book on raising a christian child! :)

I look forward to doing the following things with our children:
  1. Babywear - I am planning to have a TULA and a didymos wrap by the time our daughter arrives. Oh, and we will be going to babywearing group events. I have already gone to one.
  2. Breastfeeding - My goal is to make it to 1 year. I want our kids to decide when to wean. So my plan is to stop between 1-2 years. I am planning to go to La Leche League meetings.
  3. Cloth diaper - I will be at home thus I can make time to cloth diaper. With being home, I need to help our family save money and really, people who do it say it's really not that big of a deal. There are actually people who love it.
  4. We will travel with our kids even when they are young. Our first trip (unofficially) will be going to Barcelona with Emily when she is 11 months old. Some people call that crazy, but I won't leave my kids behind. I want to bring them with and they can go with us on outings in a wrap or TULA. :)
  5. Teaching our children about the importance of giving back. We will do community service acts as much as possible.
I mean, I am looking forward to so much more than just those few things, but those have been things I have been thinking about lately. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19th, 2014

It's been about a month since my last post!! I just wrote my pregnancy post, but now I need to update on everything else. 

We are officially all moved into our new house. Almost unpacked inside - still have some work to do though. I am hoping that most of it is done by next Wednesday as we are having all of our friends over for Jesse's birthday for a nice dinner. 

I have started going to the chiropractor because of pain from pregnancy. 

We are almost done with our birthing class. Only 2 more weeks to go! We are using the Bradley method which is a 12 week series.

I have also started going to Doreen's ladies small group on Wednesday nights. Which reminds me, I need to read the chapter! :O

Jesse and I went to church 1.5 weeks ago, and will be going back. We would have made it last Sunday, but Jesse had too much to do and right before I was ready to leave I didn't feel well, so I had to lay down and missed it. I was really bummed about that, but I can't tell my body how to act especially in third trimester. I am just exhausted all the time. Even running to the store for groceries seems so draining. I can get out of breath my just driving, it's ridiculous. 

Jesse went to Ohio earlier this month for training AND his best friend Daniel will start working with him at his job the Monday after Thanksgiving. They are both very excited.

Well, I have some energy at the moment, so I am going to go work on more laundry, dishes, unpacking, etc... :)

28 Weeks

28 weeks & 5 days
How many weeks?: 28 Weeks

How big is baby?: Eggplant - 14.8 inches & 2.25 pounds

Gender: Girl

Weight Gain: I have gained 19 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing my maternity tops, but still getting away with my pre-pregnancy leggings. I bought 2 thermal shirts a few weeks ago that I am totally in love with. It's been in the 30-40's here the last few weeks so I've been cold.

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors, with pops of color. It has been put together yet. We still need a dresser, a mattress and some other little things. We need to setup the 9 cube box thing so we can put all of her books and other things away. Once we get the dresser and some hangers I can put her clothes away. 

Symptoms: Lately I have had more hip pain. I'm starting to feel a lot more drained and exhausted by doing absolutely nothing. I am trying really hard to take my vitamins because I think if I miss them, it's just adding to my exhaustion. Oh and super emotional. I could cry at so many things.

Cravings: Hot cocoa.

Sleep: I have been using 4 pillows.

What I Miss: My energy level. I miss the days where I was all motivated and able to clean the house from top to bottom. It's a good day if I did the laundry, dishes, dinner AND actually did some unpacking.

Best Moment This Week: I got to spend some good time with my husband. The last few months have been so busy between fixing the house up, moving, working, etc... that we barely got much quality time together. We have had several quality moments together this past week and I've really enjoyed them.

What am I looking forward to?: Next week is Jesse's birthday and Thanksgiving. Lots of love - family time and of course food!

Next Appointment: December 9th. It's my 32 week appointment. After that I switch to bi-weekly. I just had an appt. last week - glucose test was good, but I have mild anemia so I am on liquid iron. So gross, but I need it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


We are getting all ready to move into our house this weekend. I have been packing the house now that we are back from Canada and I am done working. Jesse has been working hard on installing the hardwood flooring and chipping out concrete for the plumping and now he is pouring concrete back on it. The whole house had to get re-piped, but now that is done and we can use the bathroom! Yay! We just need Jesse to finish the concrete (2,000 pounds) so we can put the water heater back into place and take a shower. Although, I was told it is broken! :( Of course... this happens when you buy a house, everything breaks on you immediately!

I have to be done packing by the end of tomorrow - eek! Friday I will spend all day cleaning up the place because installing flooring makes a lot of mess! We had the saw inside the house since it was so loud and now there is sawdust over everything. It really looks like a construction zone!! :( So lots to clean in 1 day. Saturday we pick up a u-haul and move everything on down there. Rain or shine (or being ready)... looks like rain, but let's cross our fingers!

Alright, this lady has to get moving on the packing...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

23 Weeks

23 Weeks at my BIL's wedding
How many weeks?: 23 Weeks

How big is baby?: Large Mango - 11.5 inches &1.1 pounds

Gender: Girl

Weight Gain: I have gained 12 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing my maternity tops and dresses. I can still wear my leggings, but will need maternity pants soon enough. Until then I just wear my leggings.

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors, with pops of color. The nursery has been painted and the floors have been installed! We move in to the house in 2 weeks, so we can start the nursery after that.

Symptoms: I have been feeling like myself lately, besides have a bump! Oh and I am feeling her move!! It started at 22.5 weeks.

Cravings: Nothing really that I can think of.

Sleep: I've been using 4 pillows.

What I Miss: Being able to move easily and pick things up without worrying about the weight. I need to help pack the house, but I know I can't pick too much up, so it will be interesting to see how that all works out.

Best Moment This Week: We went to Los Angeles this weekend for a wedding. It was beautiful and fun. We also went to the beach on the way to the airport and I had so much fun putting my feet in REAL sand and in the water!!

What am I looking forward to?: Finishing my last day at my job... which is tomorrow! I have been working A TON of overtime (salaried - so of course unpaid) to get it all done. The company was acquired, and I have been helping transition everything over and reconcile the AP. So I am almost done!!

Next Appointment: October 20th I have my 24 week appointment with my midwife. My sisters are planning to come instead of Jesse. I'll be going in the morning since I won't be working. :)

Updates Galore!

Sorry I have been MIA! We closed on our house on 09/24/2014. We worked 2 whole weekends on the house - cleaning, removing baseboard heaters, adding wall heater units, painting, ripping up carpet & nails, and now installing our wood flooring - which we are only about halfway done with. 

We also went to LA for 3 days/4 nights this past weekend.

I finish my last day at work on October 15th - and have put in many many hours there. Some days 12 hours. So exhausting, but almost done!

We leave on Thursday the 16th for 4 days in Canada with friends.

I will be packing after we come back and that weekend after Canada we move into our house.

Someone asked me what I'll do once I am done working. The answer is breath. I will take a deep breath and finally stop running at 100mph. I will have time for grocery shopping (which has rarely happened in the last month). I will have time for dishes, laundry, packing, unpacking, family, doctor appointments, making Jesse lunches, and us dinners. I pretty much haven't had dinner with Jesse on the weekdays in weeks. 

Doreen and I are getting things started for the baby shower next month. I gave her my invite list and she just got the invitations mailed. Michele is also helping with the shower... as well as my sisters, but that's closer to the date. I'm just glad to get the invites out. We don't have to do much else until later. The shower will be an afternoon tea!! I am so excited, I love tea parties. 

Anyways, that's all that is going on with us ha. I'll try to be better at updating this blog once I am done working.

Monday, September 22, 2014

20 Weeks

How many weeks?: 20 Weeks

How big is baby?: Banana - 10.0 inches (starting now to measure from head to toes instead of head to rump) & 10.5 ounces.

Gender: Girl

Weight Gain: I have gained 9.2 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing my maternity tops. I will need to buy bottoms soon though with the weather changing.

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors, with pops of color. We won't start the nursery until we move.

Symptoms: I have been feeling like myself lately. I did throw up once a few days ago though.

Cravings: Fruit still.

Sleep: I'm back to my 4 pillows. I like them better at this point.

What I Miss: Nothing right now.

Best Moment This Week: We started our birthing class. We choose to do the Bradley Method. 

What am I looking forward to?: Feeling baby's kicks. My placenta is anterior so I haven't felt anything yet. I was told between 20-22 weeks, but I have heard of people that didn't feel anything until even later. 

Next Appointment: October 21st I have my 24 week appointment with my midwife. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

What Is Baby's Gender?!

On Saturday we hosted a baby gender reveal brunch! We had some delicious food, and family and friends to visit with! Finally we got to the cake reveal - wahoo! 

The aunties are so excited to find out!
I made some fun gender reveal pancakes!
And the winner goes to....
It's A Girl!!
Another little girl to add to the group!
My mom and sister Sarah pointing to the pink cake - another little princess coming!
Pink cake!
We went out and got Emily her first girl outfit!
Well, there you have it! The Sellands are adding a baby girl to their family!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

19 Weeks

How many weeks?: 19 Weeks

How big is baby?: Zesty Zucchini - 6.0 inches & 9 ounces.

Gender: Unknown!!

Weight Gain: I have gained 7.4 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: I have worn a few shirts/sweaters that are maternity. I have yet to buy any pants that are maternity as I can still fit into my leggings and jeans (unzipped) ;)

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors. We won't start the nursery until we move.

Symptoms: I have been feeling like myself lately... I've heard this is the joy of second trimester! :) 

Cravings: Fruit for the most part.

Sleep: I've swapped my pillows for the maternity pillow, but I may swap back, I kind of like the pillows as I can move them to the areas I want right now.

What I Miss: Nothing right now.

Best Moment This Week: We went to the anatomy scan. We got to see baby moving, kicking, and hanging out. It seems so unreal. This is our baby! We made this together!

What am I looking forward to?: Finding out the baby's gender tomorrow!!!! EEK!

Next Appointment: Next Tuesday I have an appointment with a new midwife. I am switching from my doctor's office to a midwife who practice's on her own. I am doing this because I want to give birth at a birthing center instead of a hospital.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

House Inspection

We had the inspection on our house on Saturday. For the most part it went well or according to how we thought it would go. There was one issue we hadn't anticipated, but there are a few pipes that will probably need to be re-piped. It's not a whole lot of money, but it's definitely unexpected and will need to be budgeted. Luckily there was nothing major, like a foundation issue.

At this point if it wasn't a short sale we could have potentially asked for certain things to be fixed. With a short sale, if it was something major we could have asked them to reduce the price by the amount of the fix. Nothing was too big, so we have accepted the inspection as is.

Next on the list is the appraisal. Our lender will get our inspection papers Monday and will order that. No one has to be present for the appraisal. As long as the appraisal says are house is worth at least the amount we are buying it at, then our lenders will finance the house. I'm not too worried. I believe the house will appraise just fine. After that, we just have to supply all required financial documents and wait to close.

Friday, September 5, 2014

18 Weeks

How many weeks?: 18 Weeks

How big is baby?: Sweet Potato - 5.6 inches & 5.6 ounces.

Gender: Unknown! 

Weight Gain: I have gained 7 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: I am still sometimes wear summer dresses for work. Last weekend we went shopping for some new clothes as it's getting colder and I'm getting bigger. I got 2 bras, 2 tank tops, 1 lounge shirt, and 2 sweaters. I'll need some pants in the near future I am sure, and probably some more tops. 

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors. We won't start the nursery until we move.

Symptoms: I got sick once last weekend. It's becoming like once a week or a little less. 

Cravings: Fruit. Yum!

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good with all of my pillows. I only wake up once a night to pee. I dream almost every night. It's a little annoying as I feel like it's interfering with my deep sleep, but what can I do?

What I Miss: I think it would be nice to have a drink every once in a while. I rarely drink in general, but now that I can't at all, I notice it a little more. We are going to Canada with some friends in a month, which some will drink, and I shall not.

Best Moment This Week: We finally have our ultrasound on Wednesday! 5 days! And then 8 days until we know the gender!!

What am I looking forward to?: Finding out the baby's gender in 8 days!!

Next Appointment: The anatomy scan on Wednesday. We are also meeting with another midwife that day too so we can hopefully switch our birthing place to the Birthing Inn instead of the hospital.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Did we get approved?

The second extension deadline on our house was Wednesday September 3rd at 1pm. What did the bank end up doing?! We got a text from Jeanne at 1pm that day that the bank APPROVED the short sale of the house! After 4 months of waiting, we can finally move along in the process. 

We are working with our financing now, as they had to sit still until the approval. We have our inspection on Saturday at noon. Once that's over, our lenders will schedule the appraisal. We are crossing our fingers both of those go well, or at least good enough! :)

We have heard the scheduled closing date is October 21st. Jeanne will try to get it closed sooner once financing is completely ready. If not, we will just be ready and waiting for the date to come.

What are our plans when we get the house? We will immediately get the popcorn ceiling off, paint the walls, tear up carpet and install laminate hardwood floors, and hopefully install a 2nd bathroom. Maybe we can even throw in new appliances, if not, we will try for Black Friday. This will all be done before we move in, or that's the plan. Wish us luck!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1st Anniversary Weekend

We just celebrated our very first of many, many anniversaries! What a weekend it was, not really how we imagined it, but it came and went nonetheless. 

We started Saturday off and running. Jesse took apart the dishwasher to see why it hasn't been cleaning our dishes and the heating element is fried. So, it looks like we are hand washing until the part comes in. We left to go to the zoo that morning and got ourselves a membership. We look forward to going more before and after baby comes along so we are excited to have the pass now. However, this particular day at the zoo was super hot and it was SO packed. Before we left, we had to visit the gift shop. I got a purple scarf and future baby got an elephant board book.

We left the zoo and went to Tuesday Morning because I had my $50 gift certificate that I won! We got things we needed/wanted for the house. Then we went home, ate some delicious anniversary cake, and watched a movie! Sounds like our kind of night! ;)

Sunday morning (our actual anniversary) we worked on the house - cleaning all of those dishes by hand. By early afternoon the plumbing got backed out in our house, getting into the shower, and we didn't get it fixed until about 6:30pm. What a nightmare that was... Happy anniversary, how about do some house work and have things in your house breakdown on you! Oh well, everyday is a day to show our love to each other. I'm not too upset about the events on Sunday.

Anniversary gifts! We have a budget for gift giving, but we must give each other 1 gift that follows the traditional anniversary.

Jesse got: 

  1. A Keurig machine, two books
  2. A Tapas cookbook 
  3.  "My dad is fantastic" kid's book! :) 
  4. For his traditional gift, I gave him a big nice journal for us to write in through the years - letters, updates, etc.

Ashley got: 

  1. A teapot set that included a teapot, cream and sugar pieces. It is from the Royal Albert collection Old County Roses.
  2. A pinafore apron.
  3. A passport book to the National Parks. We can get a stamp when we go to each one. This gift will be so cool to collect as many stamps as we can through the years.
  4. A beautiful handwritten letter - my traditional paper gift.

In other news, I am reading a gardening book and I plan to have my first real garden next year. I am going to start planning for it now - what do I want in the garden, where will it be located, and I will make a timeline of when to plant seeds, go outdoors, etc... I know I will have little one so I need to take that into account on how much I can really do. Yes, I am planning so far in advance, but that's me! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

16 Weeks

How many weeks?: 16 Weeks

How big is baby?: Avocado - 4.6 inches & 3.5 ounces.

Gender: Unknown! 

Weight Gain: I have gained 4.2 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: I am still in summer dresses for work and I haven't needed maternity clothing.

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors. We won't start the nursery until we move... whenever that happens.

Symptoms: I was super excited on Thursday that it had gone a whole week since I got sick. I came home, was super hungry and made dinner. Minutes after I ate it came back up. I was really thinking the morning sickness was going away. I still get very lightheaded every morning and I have to lay down for a few minutes after my shower. I am not sure why, but it always seems to happen. Also, my stomach area is getting pretty hard and it's really turning into a nice bump!

Cravings: McDonald's french fries still! 

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty good with all of my pillows. I only wake up once a night to pee.

What I Miss: I was thinking about this coming winter and how Jesse and I talked about skiing. That won't be happening. Oh well.

Best Moment This Week: Our first anniversary!!

What am I looking forward to?: Finding out the baby's gender next month!

Next Appointment: This Friday, August 29th for a routine monthly appointment. Before my appointment I have to stop at another office to do the 2nd trimester blood work for genetic testing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No Approval Yet

We are still waiting on our short sale house. We signed a 2 week extension 2 weeks ago. We will now have to sign one last extension since they couldn't get it approved in time. Our real estate agent, Jeanne aka "mother-in-law" ha, will ask how much time the bank needs, and we will do the extension for exactly that long, no more. Last thing we heard is there was one more task to complete on Monday and today we had to send another document in that they were missing. We also heard they accepted our offer price - so that is good news! Hoping this gets approved soon as we are all frustrated with this transaction, from us to Jeanne to the seller's agent.

I will surely update the blog once we have an official answer, but until then, we are all just sitting around waiting to find out.

Monday, August 18, 2014

15 Weeks

15 weeks & 3 days 
How many weeks?: 15 Weeks

How big is baby?: Navel Orange - 4 inches & 2.5 ounces.

Gender: Unknown! 

Weight Gain: I have gained 4.8 pounds. 

Maternity Clothes: I don't have to wear any yet! I am still in summer dresses for work.

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors. We won't start the nursery until we move.

Symptoms: I am still getting sick here and there, but nothing too bad. 

Cravings: McDonald's french fries! Mmmm! Wait, am I having a boy?!

Sleep: Sleep is still normal. I wake up to pee nightly and use 4 pillows to sleep

What I Miss: Not being able to go on rides as the Puyallup fair is coming next month.

Best Moment This Week: I had a ton of energy the past week/weekend and the house house is clean! It's beautiful! I even had enough energy to make breakfast both weekend days, and then make homemade cinnamon rolls on Sunday! I'm on a roll...

What am I looking forward to?: Finding out the baby's gender next month!

Next Appointment: August 29th for a routine monthly appointment. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weddings, Travel, and the ER

This last week was a good weekend. We spent Saturday hanging out around the house, cleaning, and just diddling along. My mom had tree saplings as party favors so I planted those in little pots for now. 

On Sunday we went to our friends' Jonah & Sera's wedding. Jesse was the photographer so he was busy, but I was able to hang out with our friends. That was great because this summer we have been so busy and haven't seen them much. It was a nice wedding right on American Lake. 

Monday I found out I won a drawing from the blogger I just love to follow at the Crafty Gemini. It was for a $50 gift card to Tuesday Morning! I'm so excited! I don't know what I'll get since the store has so many fun things, but I'm sure I'll manage! :)

Monday was also the morning that Jesse left for Washington DC. He has safety training for new new position. 

Tuesday afternoon I felt pains on my left side wrapping around from my stomach to my back and also had cramping. It actually really hurt so I eventually ended up going to the ER. After hours of waiting I found out it was just my left ovarian cyst was shrinking (which causes pain) and then the uterus expanding into it. Everything is fine and I am feeling better. It was scary because you have no idea what it could be, and now I am taking care of another life so I have a responsibility to make sure everything is okay. Now I know what that pain feels like and hopefully I won't need to go to the ER again. I don't want to go there unless it's absolutely necessary.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

14 Weeks

14 weeks & 2 days

4 weeks verses 14 weeks!
How many weeks?: 14 Weeks

How big is baby?: Lemon - 3.4 inches & 1.5 ounces.

Gender: Unknown! 

Weight Gain: I have gained 3.4 pounds. 

Maternity Clothes: None yet, but the black work shorts I bought earlier this summer in the looser size have grown very tight. I had to keep them below my stomach or it dug in too much.

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors. We won't start the nursery until we move.

Symptoms: I am still getting sick every few days. Some days it's after I eat or somedays it's the first thing I have to do in the morning. I imagine it's going to continue throughout the pregnancy. I've also been super emotional - crying at a lot of things: my car in a parking stall got stuck on a curb trying to back out, Jesse taking too long to get to breakfast and I thought it got cold, and I'm sure there is more...

Cravings: Nothing much as of right now.

Sleep: Sleep is still normal. I wake up to pee and use 4 pillows.

What I Miss: Not much right now.

Best Moment This Week: I finally hit the second trimester!! :)

What am I looking forward to?: Finding out the baby's gender next month!

Next Appointment: August 29th for a routine monthly appointment. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

13 Weeks

Baby at 12 weeks & 6 days!

13 weeks & 5 days

How many weeks?: 13 Weeks

How big is baby?: Peach

Gender: Unknown! 

Weight Gain: I finally weighted myself before eating breakfast! I haven't been able to do that since before my pregnancy as I feel way too sick. I gained 3.0 pounds!

Maternity Clothes: Still getting tempted by Zuliliy with their new daily clothes, but I haven't bought any more. I am also still not wearing any maternity clothing either.

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors. We won't start the nursery until we move.

Symptoms: My tummy still gets upset from time to time, but I am starting to feel better all the time (even the mornings)! Pregnancy brain is a real thing people!

Cravings: Still craving cold foods since it's so dang hot and I always feel hot.

Sleep: Jesse bought me a pregnancy a few weeks ago that I haven't really needed yet. But now my back has been hurting and I need the support while I am sleeping. Jesse calls my side of the bed Mount Ashley because of all the pillows/comforter that pile up so high. :)

What I Miss: Eating cold roast beef from the deli. :(

Best Moment This Week: I got to see the baby this last week!!

What am I looking forward to?: Finding out the baby's gender next month!

Next Appointment: August 29th for a routine monthly appointment. Almost seems like a waste of time because my commute there and back is probably 3 hours for a 15 minute appointment. Got to love Seattle traffic...