Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1st Anniversary Weekend

We just celebrated our very first of many, many anniversaries! What a weekend it was, not really how we imagined it, but it came and went nonetheless. 

We started Saturday off and running. Jesse took apart the dishwasher to see why it hasn't been cleaning our dishes and the heating element is fried. So, it looks like we are hand washing until the part comes in. We left to go to the zoo that morning and got ourselves a membership. We look forward to going more before and after baby comes along so we are excited to have the pass now. However, this particular day at the zoo was super hot and it was SO packed. Before we left, we had to visit the gift shop. I got a purple scarf and future baby got an elephant board book.

We left the zoo and went to Tuesday Morning because I had my $50 gift certificate that I won! We got things we needed/wanted for the house. Then we went home, ate some delicious anniversary cake, and watched a movie! Sounds like our kind of night! ;)

Sunday morning (our actual anniversary) we worked on the house - cleaning all of those dishes by hand. By early afternoon the plumbing got backed out in our house, getting into the shower, and we didn't get it fixed until about 6:30pm. What a nightmare that was... Happy anniversary, how about do some house work and have things in your house breakdown on you! Oh well, everyday is a day to show our love to each other. I'm not too upset about the events on Sunday.

Anniversary gifts! We have a budget for gift giving, but we must give each other 1 gift that follows the traditional anniversary.

Jesse got: 

  1. A Keurig machine, two books
  2. A Tapas cookbook 
  3.  "My dad is fantastic" kid's book! :) 
  4. For his traditional gift, I gave him a big nice journal for us to write in through the years - letters, updates, etc.

Ashley got: 

  1. A teapot set that included a teapot, cream and sugar pieces. It is from the Royal Albert collection Old County Roses.
  2. A pinafore apron.
  3. A passport book to the National Parks. We can get a stamp when we go to each one. This gift will be so cool to collect as many stamps as we can through the years.
  4. A beautiful handwritten letter - my traditional paper gift.

In other news, I am reading a gardening book and I plan to have my first real garden next year. I am going to start planning for it now - what do I want in the garden, where will it be located, and I will make a timeline of when to plant seeds, go outdoors, etc... I know I will have little one so I need to take that into account on how much I can really do. Yes, I am planning so far in advance, but that's me! :)

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