Monday, August 4, 2014

Mom's Wedding Weekend

Jesse and I at Packwood

Is that a baby bump?!
We went to my mom's wedding last weekend in Packwood! It was a very warm and sunny weekend. We arrived super late on Friday evening as Jesse had to photograph a wedding in Graham. I went with him and it was nice to have some time to read in his truck as there was no cell service. We got to Packwood around midnight and basically just went to bed.

Saturday we got ready, people put out decorations, and then more getting ready. Wedding was at 3pm and it was right on the river. It was lovely. After the wedding we ate, hung out, had cake and a toast, and relaxed. Everyone had a wonderful time.

The next morning we all cleaned and packed up. On the way out of town Jesse and I stopped at an antique shop to further our quest of getting a cup/saucer on our little travels, as well as look for the older cast iron. They had a few cast iron skillets, and I picked out a nice looking Wagner. I've been on a quest for the glass like bottom that the Wagner/Griswold pans have. Jesse also found the only bone china cup/saucer in the store and we bought it! I've been slowly trying to build a tea set for 8. Now I have a set of 4 cup and saucers and one 3-tier serving platters. I am well on my way!

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