Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Will Our House Get Lender Approval?

We have been patiently waiting for the house we put an offer on in May to get approved by the seller's lender. Last week we were told all the documents had been turned in and we just have to wait for an answer. One of the last items we had to sign was a 60 day close once we got the lender's approval. Which is putting our closing date towards the beginning of October. 

Our original closing date is August 5th which is still an important day for us. If we don't get lender's approval by this day, we have two options. 

  1. We decide to keep waiting for this house. Everyone is required to file an extension and our close goes from 5 months, to possibly 8 months? Not really sure how long of an extension we would file, so I can't be sure.
  2. We decide that if the bank hasn't approved it by now, we are done waiting. We have enough money for a down payment on a non-short sale house and we could find something else with a 30 day close. Do we really want to close on a house when we are approaching the holiday season. Also, do we really want to be moving when I am 6 - 9 months pregnant. When we sign an extension we really don't know how long it could drag on for, and that extension may run out and then we would be back to these 2 choices again.
So we have 6 more days to wait to see if the bank finally gives us an answer or if we have to make a decision. I hope we get an approval by Tuesday as I would really love to get this house and we have already waited 3 months. We have already spent a lot of time imagining what we will do with it, so I am crossing my fingers and praying we get the approval.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 12

I'm already 12 weeks! I can't believe it! Technically I'm 12 weeks and 4 days, so almost 13 weeks. Time seems to be flying by. 

How many weeks?: 12 Weeks

How big is baby?: Apricot or Plum

Gender: Unknown! I just made the anatomy scan appointment for September 10th and have now planned to do a gender reveal brunch on September 13th. We won't even know until we cut open the cake! Is it blue or pink cake?!

Weight Gain: I think 3 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Definitely not wearing any yet. Most days in the summer I wear flowy dresses and I am really not big enough for those clothes yet. However, I bought some shirts (2 nice & 2 tanktops) at Zuliliy today. I probably won't buy any more for a while, but I am trying to not make it too expensive all at once!

Nursery: I only have my ideas for now. It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors. Once we know the gender I can see what other splash of colors I want to add. We haven't moved into our house yet as it's a short sale. Sounds like it will be another 2-3 months. BUT the room will be painted a light grey.

Symptoms: I still have an upset tummy for the first few hours I am awake. Some days are better than others. I seem to have a bad case of pregnancy brain as well.

Cravings: Carbs mainly. And cold foods. I have been so hot lately with the weather, I just want cereal with cold milk, fruit Popsicles, etc. Nothing too crazy. I haven't really had the "I need this food now" craving.

Sleep: I haven't had as many dreams in the last week or two, but I am still getting them. I feel like they are affecting my sleep, and I hope they aren't very often. I wake up at least once to pee usually around 2:30am.

What I Miss: Cold roast beef sandwiches. 

Best Moment This Week: Getting some baby items! We got a Mariners onesie at the baseball game. I won a raffle on a FB BST group for a Aden & Anais swaddle blanket. Jesse also then decided to get us the Elephant dream blanket from Aden & Anais because it's so awesome. Friday I picked up 2 baby items from my sister's auntie that she gave us and Saturday morning we got a few things at garage sales. Wow! So many baby items for one week!

What am I looking forward to?: My appointment on Thursday. I am getting the genetic screening done and I will be able to see baby! Yay!

Next Appointment: July 31st at 3pm for the nuchal translucency screening. This includes blood work and an ultrasound.

Back to Not Working Weekends

This was my first weekend after quiting my second job where we were actually home. The prior 3 weekends were: camping, camp, and camp. This weekend was awesome! So relaxing and fun. It's nice spending the weekend with my husband and not working. :)

We went to a Mariners game with Jesse's work. We won 4-3! Go Mariners!

We went out for dinner afterwards to Bahama Breeze! Yum! I scored a cute winter sweater at the Nordstrom's yearly event. Yes... I know it's July! :)

Sunday was all about relaxing at home. Oh and grocery shopping. That's it! :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Coming Soon... Baby Selland!

I haven't been on the blog in a while, but we have some important news to share! We are expecting our first baby on February 5th, 2015! We are super excited to welcome a little girl or boy into our life.

I can't believe in 2 days I will already be at 10 weeks! It felt like it was going to slow in the beginning for baby to look like a real baby inside, but now looking back time has flown and now we are practically 1/4 of the way done!! So crazy!!

We announced it to our families in person, except my dad, we Skyped him on Father's Day. We got everyone in person on video, and I will post it later.

We made our announcement publicly with this picture:

I have been feeling nauseous and/or upset tummy if I haven't eaten in over 45 minutes. I really got hit with fatigue, but it's actually starting to go away thankfully! I did also get cramping and my sense of smell is crazy.

We had our ultrasound appointment at exactly 8 weeks and the next appointment is at 12 weeks on July 26th. That is an OB workup.

Well, there you go. Baby Selland coming soon.