Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Jeanne and Paul got married on Friday! It was nice to be apart of the whole event. Saturday we helped pack up the house and then I worked a few hours. We spent the evening at Darren & Doreen's and Lacy was there. Lacy and Darren will start omni drops next weekend and that got Jesse wanting to do it too. So we ordered him drops so he could get on the program. I started on Saturday! :)

The next day was Easter. We went to my mom's for brunch. Which was delicious as you can see. After that we went to see my sister at DSW since she had to work. We met Daniel over at the grandparents house and visited then ate dinner. James and Josh weren't there because they went to Colorado, but Amanda came with Madison. We found out that Amanda and James are having their second child! She is 6 weeks pregnant - due in December! How exciting for them! Madison is very excited to have a little brother/sister. We all went to Jeanne & Paul's new house for dessert and champagne to congratulate them on their new house and their marriage!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Busy Weekends, Weight loss, and S'more

I can't believe it's already mid-April! Tax day is today, but luckily we filed ours early February! :) Last weekend we were going to go to the Tulip Festival, but it's a drive, and we didn't want to be rushed since I worked Saturday evening. I also worked Sunday too! Busy busy! 11.5 hours worked on the weekend! I'm kind of glad that I only work 3 hours next weekend! :) 

We will be going to an Easter service on Saturday night with the VanderVort's. We have a huge day for Easter: brunch w/my mom, dinner with Jesse's grandparents, finished with a dessert celebration for Jeanne & Paul's wedding! They are getting married this Friday! 

I am also excited for tonight because I am meeting up with this lady I met last summer on a camping trip who did this weight loss program and now she is a consultant for them. She lost 81 pounds or so, so I know it works. So we will see what she says tonight! :) 

Also, some sad news. One of my mom's dogs, S'more, that she has had for 11 years died this morning around 1am. Apparently he went downhill fast the last few days and my mom told my sisters and I last night that he wasn't doing well. We didn't realize he would go so fast. I hope the best for my mom.