Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No Approval Yet

We are still waiting on our short sale house. We signed a 2 week extension 2 weeks ago. We will now have to sign one last extension since they couldn't get it approved in time. Our real estate agent, Jeanne aka "mother-in-law" ha, will ask how much time the bank needs, and we will do the extension for exactly that long, no more. Last thing we heard is there was one more task to complete on Monday and today we had to send another document in that they were missing. We also heard they accepted our offer price - so that is good news! Hoping this gets approved soon as we are all frustrated with this transaction, from us to Jeanne to the seller's agent.

I will surely update the blog once we have an official answer, but until then, we are all just sitting around waiting to find out.

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