Thursday, September 4, 2014

Did we get approved?

The second extension deadline on our house was Wednesday September 3rd at 1pm. What did the bank end up doing?! We got a text from Jeanne at 1pm that day that the bank APPROVED the short sale of the house! After 4 months of waiting, we can finally move along in the process. 

We are working with our financing now, as they had to sit still until the approval. We have our inspection on Saturday at noon. Once that's over, our lenders will schedule the appraisal. We are crossing our fingers both of those go well, or at least good enough! :)

We have heard the scheduled closing date is October 21st. Jeanne will try to get it closed sooner once financing is completely ready. If not, we will just be ready and waiting for the date to come.

What are our plans when we get the house? We will immediately get the popcorn ceiling off, paint the walls, tear up carpet and install laminate hardwood floors, and hopefully install a 2nd bathroom. Maybe we can even throw in new appliances, if not, we will try for Black Friday. This will all be done before we move in, or that's the plan. Wish us luck!!

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