Wednesday, October 22, 2014


We are getting all ready to move into our house this weekend. I have been packing the house now that we are back from Canada and I am done working. Jesse has been working hard on installing the hardwood flooring and chipping out concrete for the plumping and now he is pouring concrete back on it. The whole house had to get re-piped, but now that is done and we can use the bathroom! Yay! We just need Jesse to finish the concrete (2,000 pounds) so we can put the water heater back into place and take a shower. Although, I was told it is broken! :( Of course... this happens when you buy a house, everything breaks on you immediately!

I have to be done packing by the end of tomorrow - eek! Friday I will spend all day cleaning up the place because installing flooring makes a lot of mess! We had the saw inside the house since it was so loud and now there is sawdust over everything. It really looks like a construction zone!! :( So lots to clean in 1 day. Saturday we pick up a u-haul and move everything on down there. Rain or shine (or being ready)... looks like rain, but let's cross our fingers!

Alright, this lady has to get moving on the packing...

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