Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Updates Galore!

Sorry I have been MIA! We closed on our house on 09/24/2014. We worked 2 whole weekends on the house - cleaning, removing baseboard heaters, adding wall heater units, painting, ripping up carpet & nails, and now installing our wood flooring - which we are only about halfway done with. 

We also went to LA for 3 days/4 nights this past weekend.

I finish my last day at work on October 15th - and have put in many many hours there. Some days 12 hours. So exhausting, but almost done!

We leave on Thursday the 16th for 4 days in Canada with friends.

I will be packing after we come back and that weekend after Canada we move into our house.

Someone asked me what I'll do once I am done working. The answer is breath. I will take a deep breath and finally stop running at 100mph. I will have time for grocery shopping (which has rarely happened in the last month). I will have time for dishes, laundry, packing, unpacking, family, doctor appointments, making Jesse lunches, and us dinners. I pretty much haven't had dinner with Jesse on the weekdays in weeks. 

Doreen and I are getting things started for the baby shower next month. I gave her my invite list and she just got the invitations mailed. Michele is also helping with the shower... as well as my sisters, but that's closer to the date. I'm just glad to get the invites out. We don't have to do much else until later. The shower will be an afternoon tea!! I am so excited, I love tea parties. 

Anyways, that's all that is going on with us ha. I'll try to be better at updating this blog once I am done working.

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