Friday, December 5, 2014

31 Weeks

How many weeks?: 31 Weeks

How big is baby?: Pineapple - 16.25 inches & 3.3 pounds

Gender: Girl

Weight Gain: I have gained 20 pounds total. 

Maternity Clothes: I pretty much just wear the same 2 leggings and 3 maternity shirts. I won't go buy any more clothes. I have 2 more months, not a big deal. Everyone just has to see me wearing the same thing all the time.

Nursery: It will be elephant themed (my favorite animal) with grey and white colors, with pops of color. It hasn't been put together yet. We are putting the dresser in there this weekend. We have her crib and 9 cube thing all done. We will be doing a lot in the nursery this weekend, so maybe it will be done in a few days?

Symptoms: Hip pain is not there anymore. I have had bad rib pain lately and my bra strap makes it even worse. I am having trouble sleeping - waking up often and always remembering my dreams. Which tells me I never get my deep sleep!! :( My back and pelvic bone area always crack at night when I move from side to side - I hate the feeling of it, but I always know that it's going to happen now. My stomach on the left side seems uncomfortable, so it's bothering some to sleep on my left side, but that's the side I am supposed to sleep on. I just feel like each week I get a new symptom now and have started counting down the weeks haha.

Cravings: Not much - jello fruit cups & Juice.

Sleep: I have been using 4 pillows. Not getting enough!! :(

What I Miss: My energy level still. I always feel out of breath. 

Best Moment This Week: We finished our Bradley Method birthing class. We are officially ready. It feels so real now that we are done. It's just a waiting game now, but we are prepared for when it comes. It just makes it feel so close to the end.

What am I looking forward to?: Finishing up the nursery

Next Appointment: December 9th.

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