Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Gifts and Baby Things

I have been trying to get my homemade gifts made for our friends and family. I have made 1 of 3 batches of soap so far. I need to make the next 2 batches in the next day or two. I just placed a cyber monday order on BrambleBerry so I can do the rest of our gift basket gifts - bath bombs, scrubs, and body butter. I will make those closer to Christmas, but the soap needs to cure for several weeks.

Jesse and I may also be going in together on "our" Christmas present instead of buying each other gifts. We want to buy an above ground swimming pool for the backyard. I wanted to swim/sit in water so bad this last summer - it was the hottest summer ever and I was pregnant :(. Now we are adding kids to the mix, and it just sounds like a fun idea. I want our kids to love the water and when they are old enough, they will do swimming lessons at the YMCA. 

Black Friday came last week and I was able to score a high chair at Babies R Us. We made a budget for the rest of the items we need and with the Amazon completion discount (and Amazon Mom), I just bought a whole bunch of things tonight. I had to do one purchase with the discount, so I got what we needed/wanted. I am so excited to get the mail here in the next week!!! I can't wait to get the crib mattress to finish the crib. We should be all ready for her to come. The only other things I think we wanted was a wall mural of some sort, some bins for the changing table supplies, and a lamp. We will need to get more cloth diapers after she comes, but I am pretty sure we can manage with the stash we have for a while. We also were looking high and low for a white dresser for her, but we decided to polish up one of our white dressers and mommy and daddy are getting a nice new his/her dresser! So excited - we are picking it up on Saturday!! 

Here are some of the items we got today that I am excited about:

  • Bamboobies - they had a 30% off cyber monday deal!
  • Sophie the teething giraffe
  • Swimming cloth diaper (We are joining the Y when she is 6 weeks old - she will be dipping in with me)
  • Cloth diaper supplies for containing/cleaning diapers
  • Forehead Thermometer - how cool is this?! 
  • A book on raising a christian child! :)

I look forward to doing the following things with our children:
  1. Babywear - I am planning to have a TULA and a didymos wrap by the time our daughter arrives. Oh, and we will be going to babywearing group events. I have already gone to one.
  2. Breastfeeding - My goal is to make it to 1 year. I want our kids to decide when to wean. So my plan is to stop between 1-2 years. I am planning to go to La Leche League meetings.
  3. Cloth diaper - I will be at home thus I can make time to cloth diaper. With being home, I need to help our family save money and really, people who do it say it's really not that big of a deal. There are actually people who love it.
  4. We will travel with our kids even when they are young. Our first trip (unofficially) will be going to Barcelona with Emily when she is 11 months old. Some people call that crazy, but I won't leave my kids behind. I want to bring them with and they can go with us on outings in a wrap or TULA. :)
  5. Teaching our children about the importance of giving back. We will do community service acts as much as possible.
I mean, I am looking forward to so much more than just those few things, but those have been things I have been thinking about lately. 

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