Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Another Offer In - Waiting

We started the weekend off on Saturday going on another house tour. We actually found quite a bit of houses that met our requirements. We put an offer on the first house we looked at on Monday. It is a short sale, and according to the broker, the bank has approved the listing price (previous offers - financing fell through & decided not to move) and we were told the bank is very cooperative. It would be a 90 day close if our offer is accepted and everything works out.

On Tuesday we found out there was another offer on the house. Jeanne said the broker would give everyone until 5pm on Wednesday to submit their best offer, and the highest one gets picked. We revised our offer and submitted a higher one, and we are waiting to hear back on if ours was selected or not. If someone was higher, then we will just keep looking. I am not too worried because the market is giving us a better selection with the warmer weather. Although, we would be very happy not to have to keep putting offers on houses and doing bidding wars. It's an awesome house for a starter home, and we are just crossing our fingers. We will find out tomorrow what happened with our offer and then we can move forward one way or another. I'll post an update once we get an answer. 

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