Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Soap and a Prayer

Last August I started making soaps as I thought it sounded like fun and eventually I wanted to start a soap making business. You can't really open a business unless you know how to make the soap, and it's quite a process making them, so you can't be too impatient. I allow my soap to cure for 6 weeks so it takes a while for me to even test the finished product. I make all my soap with lye so I also have to test it when I unmold it to make sure the ph is in a good range. I haven't had a bad ph batch yet, so that's good!

Lately I have been stocking up supplies and things for opening a business. I have now made 3 loafs of soap and plan to make more. It's not the easiest thing when you have a little one to take care of. I can do a lot of the soap making, like getting the oils ready and things like that while watching Emily. Once I have to pull out the lye I make sure there is someone else watching Emily. I've made soap when my grandma is over playing with her, which is perfect! 

On Monday I made my first big step and am finally committing to my goal of opening my own soap making business and becoming a master soap maker! I applied for my WA business license and I have been waiting for their approval - approx. 5 business days, so I can go get a business license in my city. Once I get these things, I will get insurance which is the biggest cost of them all. Luckily the licenses are fairly cheap, especially because I am getting a 12k or less in revenues license. I can dream big, but I am going to assume I won't make 12k my first year haha. :) 

I am so excited because I have always hoped for years and years I would find a crafting passion that I could actually turn into a business, and now I finally am. I am jumping all in, because that's just what you have to do!

I'm also adding my faith into my business too, which is awesome because it's a big part of my life. I am calling my business "Soap and a Prayer!" I am still figuring out the logistics of incorporating my religion and everything into my business, along with figuring out how to package, design everything, and more. Either way, I am at the beginning of my journey and I'm excited for the new beginning.

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