Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Weekend

So we had a pretty good weekend - or I feel that way anyways. Jesse was hasn't been getting good sleep so he was feeling the weight of that this weekend. Luckily he has today off to relax and do whatever he wants to really do. He can take it easy. However, I work today. This is not considered a holiday in an office setting. 

We started our weekend out with Valentine's Day on Friday. I got Jesse a WHOLE bunch of candy and a nice card. Jesse got me a beautiful Paris box, a bottle of wine, a heart box of chocolates and 5 roses. The box and wine goes together. For the wedding I wanted to do a wine/letter box, but we ran out of time and money. So that was really sweet of him to do this. The purpose of the wine/letter box is to open it if you are going through a rough time in your marriage. We have vowed to open it when one of these two happen first: 1. A rough time in our marriage or 2. We hit our 7 year anniversary. I think we are also going to make a tradition to do a letter every Valentine's. In my letter, I wrote some memories of us in the beginning, why I fell in love, what our goals are, and then quite a bit on if we are having a hard time in our marriage. I sealed it up and put it with the wine/box. We also went out to the Keg for a very nice dinner.

Saturday we had two people come to our house. I got my medical exam for term life insurance. Jesse also got his windshield replaced for free thanks to our insurance. We then went out to breakfast and did some errands. Oh the joys of being an adult. 

On Sunday Jesse went with me to church. I want to start attending church and Jesse has agreed to go with me if we find a church that we both like. So next week we will try a new one, and hopefully we will eventually find one that we both like. I really did enjoy the message that was given to us though. It was about marriage and it was just a good message. I attended the bible study at this church last week and they are going through the book of Job. I plan to go to this bible study until we find a permanent church.

Sunday night Jeanne hosted a fondue birthday party at the house for Jesse's brothers. They turned 27 years old.

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