Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Halfway to First Anniversary

Jesse and I had another busy weekend! Friday after work I met up with a lady who lives in Issaquah. She has a 16 month old girl and was looking for a date night sitter. I'm excited about this because I want to earn a little extra money. I will babysit for her 1-2 nights a month. This coming Thursday I also have another interview for a part time job that's on the weekends and evenings working as an event aide for the city of Issaquah. That would be a fun job. Friday night Jeanne used the leftovers for fondue dinner tonight with just the three of us. 

On Saturday Jesse had a family come over for a photoshoot. He has made the garage into a studio so he can easily take portraits right there! At 4pm we went to Jesse's niece's birthday party. She turned 7 and it was at a pizza place. After that we went to the VanderVort's and had game night with some of our friends.

On Sunday we went to another church. We talked and will just attend the one next to our house because we are planning to buy a house in a different area in a few months. So it doesn't matter much since we will change churches. 

Yesterday Monday the 24th we celebrated our 6 month anniversary!! We went out for frozen yogurt which is always delicious! The time has gone by fast, but we have also done so much! I can't for until our one year! Yay!

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