Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ashley's Birthday Week

We were able to make some good progress last week with saving money!! Yay!! We got pre-qualified for a mortgage loan last week too which is the first step. The second step is to get a pre-approval. Last weekend we gathered all of our financial and other documents to send in to get pre-approved. It all got turned in on Monday so we are crossing our fingers!!!

I had that interview last week for the part time job as an event aide. I really liked it because it is an active and social job. They e-mail all the shifts 3 weeks before the next month and you tell them when you are available. Then they e-mail the schedule out to everyone. That is very cool because we have a few plans this summer already and I worried how I could ask for the time off. We go to Vegas Memorial Day weekend and then we may go to Hollywood in August for Jesse's brother's wedding. Anyways, I wanted it because I would really like to earn more money since we are saving for a house. Everything counts! The following day after my interview I was offered the job!! :) I turned in all of my paperwork on Tuesday. Next Wednesday she is e-mailing everyone the shift schedule for April. I won't be working until then. That's okay - this month is already so busy!! I also am now babysitting for a family. The little girl is adorable and the parents are from Germany. I babysat last Saturday - too easy! She was asleep the whole time!!

Guess who is the luckiest girl in the world?! My husband and grandmother went in together and bought me an iPad! I love it so much! It was my birthday present! :) Happy Ashley! 

For my birthday we are going out to fish and chips tonight. On Saturday we are meeting friends/family at Mongolian Grill and then who ever wants to join us or meet us at Trampoline Nation for fun and afterwards we are going for frozen yogurt! Super excited!

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