Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More House Hunting

We did more house hunting. It really is exhausting, but we had a good time.
The previous owner of this house bought it for a rental and did not make a mortgage payment. Also had mold, house add-on's without a permit, and sewer problems in the yard (gas spewing through).

We went to this house and did not enter. We don't want it, but would love to know it's story!
Our niece Madison had lots of fun going with us to houses!

This house was our favorite! Hoping to put an offer on it!

We also had a wonderful time at Demara's 3 year old pajama breakfast birthday party!
Such a happy Demara!
We are still waiting to hear back on the pre-approval. It's already been three weeks, so we are hoping this process is almost done. 

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