Tuesday, April 28, 2015


April is coming to an end and May is almost here. This last weekend we went to the Orcas Island work party and it reminded me of girls camp. I look forward to going again - it's my 3rd time, Jesse's 6th time oh and Emily's 1st time :). This is Jesse's last year as the survival instructor as he will become director next year (and I will be his co-director/helper). He has always wanted to do this, so I am happy that he gets this opportunity! 

It's crazy how busy we are as a family. It seems that weekends just seem to book up so quickly and it's not even summer! This coming weekend we are staying home to really work around the house. Our yard is atrocious! Seriously, the backyard grass has spots that go up to my hip! :O So embarrassing! 

May 10th is my first Mother's Day! :)

May 11th - 17th I am taking The Great Flats Challenge

May 12th - picking up Zaycon ground beef and making a bunch of things to put in the freezer like sloppy joes, taco meat, regular ole cooked ground beef, etc... 40 pounds worth!

May 16th we are doing the March of Dimes walk. I am actually hosting a walk through Hike it Baby Tacoma to try to get more walkers. :)

Memorial Day weekend - no plans yet!

That's what we have going on right now. :)

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