Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Seeking A Church To Call Ours

Jesse and I have been looking for a church to call ours for a while now. We were going to one before we moved to start attending church. Now that we moved, we are looking for a permanent church. We went to our friends' church for several months, but we aren't feeling like it's the right fit for us. We tried a different one last weekend - basically worship was a concert (dark, loud, and full of different moving lights). We talked and found out what we both want in a church:
  1. Traditional/structured.
  2. A good program for children/youth for our kids to grow up with ~ especially things during the week, not just Sunday service.
  3. Jesse wanted hymns ~ I suppose you can put this under traditional.
We both researched the different Christianity faiths - Lutheran, Episcopal, Catholic, Methodist, etc. I liked parts of all, and some of them I found things I didn't like. 

This coming weekend we will be trying a Catholic mass to see how we like it. I've actually been researching Catholicism a little bit the last few days and have learned a lot. I have always had ideas of what it was all about, but now I am learning what's really the truth about the meanings behind it. A lot of the things I am learning are way different then I have perceived them to be. I'm hoping we both like this church as I really want to find a good place to call home. I want to grow my faith with the Lord and bring our child up from the very beginning in a good church and a Christian household.

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