Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Organize All The Things!!

Seriously! I am trying to deep clean and organize our house this week! It really needs it, and I really want to get it done now! Our kitchen has no food storage space, so we are using a 5 tier wire rack from Target to store our food. Unfortunately, it's such a huge mess. I went to Target today and seriously bought 24 different sized clear storage containers to organize our pantry and have extras for the house. I've already started the pantry organization, and hoping to finish today or tomorrow. It's not as easy to complete full projects with a little one ~ she is currently on my lap with hiccups while I type away haha. :)

My grandma also came over today with ziplock vacuum seal bags. I have no vacummed sealed all of Emily's clothes that are too big by size, and sadly all of her newborn and 0-3 months :(. I need to get a bin or something for throwing in her clothes that are too big until she's out of her current size - then I will vacuum seal those clothes. She is growing so fast it's ridiculous. She is already wearing Medium GMD fitted diapers! I actually just ordered them and they are currently being prepped. I'll come back later to add photos of my before and after! :)

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