Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

This is my very first Mother's Day! It's been a Mother's Day weekend for sure! I had Emily help me make all the grandmothers and great-grandmothers Mother's Day gifts - Flower pots with her feet/toe prints to create a butterfly, flowers, and a caterpillar.

Painting all the pots white. 
Letting the pots dry!

Getting the area ready for Emily!

Practicing painting her feet. She was super ticklish.

All done - letting them dry.

This one is Nana's.

Bringing them with us Saturday to give to everyone!

We had brunch Saturday morning at my mom's house and then we did dinner at Jesse's mom's house. 

Meme, Grammie, Emily, and Me!

Mommy and Baby Emily!

Our new little family!
Today Jesse made me breakfast - here's him cleaning up afterwards:

After breakfast, we got ready and went to a Catholic mass that I mentioned we would go to. I thought there would be a nursery, but perhaps this specific church did not? So I went in thinking I could give my full attention to the service, but I ended up spending a lot of it holding Emily. Eventually she got a little fussy and I had to move her around, pat her back and after a while she fell asleep. She is like 12 pounds, so she is very heavy after a while of holding her. Besides this, we both really liked the service. I will be prepared next service and probably wrap her before we head in as I can't hold her like that for over an hour. My arm almost fell off after mass. But like I said, we enjoyed the service. Jesse definitely seemed to give his stamp approval. He kept saying "ohhh, I like this." He liked that we prayed over the children before they went to Sunday school and the hymens. He actually liked the up/down aspect as he always has to get up during church and stand in the back as it hurts his back to be on certain chairs. I'm glad he liked it, as I want to find a good place to go and I like the idea of the Catholic church. I am excited to go back next weekend. We also saw a friend couple there too. They normally do 8:30... I doubt we will ever make that mass time at this point. We get up at 7:30 just to get to the 10:30 mass in time. OH! I was so proud of us! We got there 15 minutes early! Last week we were 15 minutes late to church. I love being early, and it seems like such a win to do so with a newborn. 

We had Jimmy Johns for lunch and now Emily and Jesse are taking a little nap. After they wake up we will do something. Jesse keeps asking what I want to do, so I need to figure it out! :) I kind of want to go to a baby boutique store. Hah. I also wanted to go to Macy's. I really want to find some skirts that go just below my knees or mid-calf. Why are they so hard to find?! 

I hope every Mom out there is having a great day! :)

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