Monday, September 7, 2015

Soap, Jobs, and Food!

We have been very busy here! I've been making a ton of soap. I think I now have about 200 bars of soap on the curing rack with plans to make another 60-100 in the next few weeks. I'm getting ready to open my business at the end of October. I have signed up for a holiday bazaar at a local catholic church. I also may see if I can come one morning to my mom's work after people get off their morning shift and have a little table set up for people to purchase my soap. I can't wait to see how sales turn out. Will I have enough, will no one purchase, and will people like the soap? So many unknowns, but I am going to try either way! Heck, if it's not super successful, everyone gets this soap for Christmas ;).

Jesse is in the middle of deciding what to do with his career. He either plans to go into a sales position at his current company or go back into the field. We shall see what he will do. We are praying about it and trying to figure out the best thing for him and the family.

Emily has started solids. She wasn't a complete fan. She did like cheddar cheese and has surprisingly eaten a little bit of carrots in a baby jar. We shall keep trying foods with her. :) She is definitely going to start crawling or pulling herself to a standing position soon! She is definitely trying to go all over the place. She cries more if someone other than me holds her. She definitely loves attention.

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