Saturday, September 19, 2015

I have finally finished the 10 (technically now have 11) different types of soaps I wanted to make before opening my soap business! I made my 11th one today ~ a Christmas one. I can't wait to cut it. It's green with some brown swirls and white snowflake micas on the top - I made it thinking of Christmas trees with snow on them in the outdoors. Next on the soap making list is a spiced apple cider one that I will use red and white swirls. 

I also got word that my application was accepted to do the bazaar the first weekend of November! I am going to be promoting it like crazy, because I don't think there is an online presence yet. :(

We also started the RCIA class. Emily came along of course, and that was a little interesting, but I think it will be okay. I'm so glad they are understanding and allow the little one there. If not, I'd probably have to postpone the class to another year as I don't have a sitter every week at 7pm for 6 months. That's just not do-able at her age and our situation.

We also got our first rosaries. My friend Allison has a business making them, and Jesse and I each got one! :D So excited. I just need to make time to do the rosary. It will be SO much easier when I know the words... I think.

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